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EU statistics on income and living conditions (EU-SILC) methodology

EU statistics on income and living conditions (EU-SILC) methodology is a Eurostat online publication describing the methodological and practical framework for the computation and production of the European Union's (EU) statistics on income and living conditions published in Eurostat's dissemination database. It provides information on the calculation of the published datasets, along with information on their quality and methodological limitations.

Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. Concepts and contents

2.1 Household variables
2.2 Person variables
2.3 Linking variables
2.4 Auxiliary variables

3. Sampling

3.1 Sampling frame
3.1.1 Coverage errors
3.2 Sampling design
3.2.1 Integrated design
3.2.2 Sampling unit
3.3 Sample size
3.4 Sampling errors
3.4.1 Sampling error calculations for main EU-SILC indicators
3.5 Tracing rules

4. Data collection

4.1 EU-SILC implementation
4.2 Fieldwork periods
4.3 Mode of data collection
4.4 Interview duration

5. Data quality

5.1 Non-sampling errors
5.1.1 Measurement and processing errors
5.1.2 Non-response errors
5.2 Imputation
5.3 Weighting
5.3.1 Design weights
5.3.2 Adjustments for non-response
5.3.3 Adjustments for external sources - calibration
5.3.4 Trimming
5.3.5 Base weights
5.3.6 Cross-sectional weights
5.3.7 Longitudinal weights
5.4 Data validation
5.5 Quality Reports

6. Dissemination

6.1. EU-SILC datasets

6.1.1 People at risk of poverty or social exclusion
People at risk of poverty or social exclusion
Intersections between sub-populations of Europe 2020 indicators on poverty and social exclusion
6.1.2 Income distribution and monetary poverty
Monetary poverty
Monetary poverty of elderly people
In-work poverty
Distribution of income
6.1.3 Living conditions
Private households
Population structure
Health and labour conditions
Self-reported health
Housing conditions
Childcare arrangements
6.1.4 Material deprivation
Material deprivation by dimension
Economic strain
Economic strain linked to dwelling
Housing deprivation
Environment of the dwelling
6.1.5 EU-SILC ad-hoc modules
2011 - Intergenerational transmission of disadvantages
2012 - Housing conditions
2013 - Personal well-being indicators
2015 - Social/cultural participation and material deprivation
2016 - Access to services
2017 - Health and child health

6.2. Definition of dimensions