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Știri despre FSE

Solo but not alone


In the Czech Republic an NGO is improving the status and outlook for single parents with ESF help

In the Czech Republic, an NGO is focusing on helping single parents to face the lack of finance, working opportunities and social stigma which may go hand in hand with their situation.

Established in 2001, APEIRO has helped around 23 000 people in need, providing single parents with coaching on topics such as family life and the jobs market, as well  as practical advice on how to draft a CV or succeed at a job interview. With ESF help, APEIRO is also trying to boost the status of single parents, whose number has doubled since 1995, including proposing changes to legislation based on good practices and experience from abroad.

The NGO has also coined the term ‘solo parents’ to help increase the social status of single parents usually referred to as members of ‘incomplete families’ which is felt to have rather negative connotations.