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Training to be a plumber. Trainee making notes.
© Istockphoto/Bart Coenders

In Germany, disadvantaged young people are getting made-to-measure help to get into vocational training

In the Heilbronn-Franken region, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) is implementing its ‘Tailored mediation’ ESF project to offer fresh job opportunities to disadvantaged young people. Participants, who may have poor school records or come from immigrant backgrounds, can find it difficult to obtain vocational training contracts that can lead to careers. By providing guidance during the later school years, agreeing realistic expectations with the young people, and helping them prepare their applications; the project is supporting their efforts to find the jobs they can fit into. Of the initial 55 participants at the start of 2012, 11 have already taken up training in companies. “To many young people, the prospect of a proper training course gives them just the motivational kick they need,” explains training manager Renate Raven.