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What are statistical business registers?

Statistical business registers (BR) are repositories of legal and statistical units to be used for producing business and macroeconomic statistics. They include information on the active population of:

  • Enterprises carrying out economic activities which contribute to the gross domestic product (GDP);
  • Legal units of which those enterprises consist of;
  • Local units;
  • Kind of activity units;
  • Enterprise groups, incl. all-resident and multinational enterprise groups.

Statistical business registers are referred to as the ‘backbone’ in the production of economic statistics because they provide the core infrastructure to ensure data consistency between various statistical outputs.

What information can I find here?

This section provides information on methodology and legislation for national statistical business registers (NSBRs), the EuroGroups Register (EGR) and European profiling on multinational enterprise groups (MNEs groups).

Why are business registers important?

Statistical business registers are important for:

  • the compilation of consistent and comparable European business statistics;
  • establishing efficient statistical survey frames;
  • providing identification numbers of all the units and for linking to many different sources;
  • increasing statistical information and reducing the reporting burden on enterprises.
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