Social Protection (ESSPROS)

The European System of Integrated Social Protection Statistics (ESSPROS) was developed in the late ‘70s by Eurostat jointly with representatives of the Member States of the European Union in response to the need for a specific instrument for statistical observation of social protection in the EC Member States.

ESSPROS is a common framework which enables international comparison of the administrative national data on social protection. It provides a coherent comparison between European countries of social benefits to households and their financing.

The information collected concerns social protection benefits, receipts and expenditures, pensions' beneficiaries and net social benefits.

ESSPROS is composed of the core system and of modules.

  1. The Core system contains annual data starting from the year 1990 (see the page on Core system)
  2. The modules contain supplementary statistical information on particular aspects of social protection (see the page on Modules):
    the module on pensions' beneficiaries
    the module on net social benefits

The general public can access data published on the Eurostat on line database.