Short-term business statistics — Overview


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What are short-term business statistics?

Short-term business statistics, abbreviated as STS, are the earliest statistics released to show emerging trends  in the European economy. STS provide data for the major economic domains:

  • Industry
  • Construction
  • Trade
  • Services (excluding financial and public services).

The major advantage of the monthly released STS data is that they are available very shortly after the end of the reference month. For example, data on retail trade turnover are published as early as 30 days after the reference month and data on industrial production are published after 60 days.

STS are available for the EU, the euro area, the Member States and also for some third countries. STS are key instruments in formulating and monitoring the 'European Monetary Policy' and provide important information for national policy makers, businesses and academia. 

More detailed information on coverage, sources, comparability etc. can be found under 'Information on data'.

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Stay up to date on STS

Our news releases provide you the latest monthly or quarterly figures on developments in industry, construction and retail trade.

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Read about the impact of COVID-19

This online publication contains articles on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on short-term business statistics (STS) indicators.

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Visualise industrial production

How has industrial production in your country developed over the last months compared to the EU or the euro area? Our visualization tool will show you.

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Discover 'Business Sector Profile'

With this economic dashboard you can analyse short-tem developments for several areas in one glance. 

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