Methodology - Short-term business statistics


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Eurostat Metadata - Background information in Euro SDMX metadata structure on all methodological aspects of STS.

National Metadata - Hyperlinks to national STS metadata are available in the annexes of Eurostat's metadata.

Methodological Notes

Principal European Economic Indicators (PEEIs)

Principal European Economic Indicators PEEIs are key macro economic indicators which describe the economic and labour market situation and price developments in the euro area and the European Union. They are of particular importance for economic and monetary policy.

Almost half of the PEEIs come from short-term statistics. The reports "PEEI in focus" provide, for each Member State detailed information on definitions, coverage and sampling issues, response rates, index compilation, error identification, seasonal adjustment and other quality aspects of these indicators.

Quality and Pilot Study Reports

First report on the progress of pilot studies on new data requirements under the EBS Regulation 2019/2152 article 20.

The report presents results of pilot studies regarding commercial real estate indicators in short-term statistics.


Every three years the European Commission (Eurostat) informs the European Parliament and the Council about the quality of short-term statistics.

2021 STS report to the European Parliament and the Council

The STS quality reports to the European Parliament and the Council for earlier years are available through the STS Group on CIRCABC.


The link to the CIRCABC group "Short-term Statisitics (STS)"  gives access to a wide range of background information concerning STS, including methodology, quality reports, release calendars and weights.