7 % of EU business turnover is through web sales


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In 2017, one out of every five EU enterprises made sales using computer networks such as the Internet or other forms of electronic data exchange. These electronic sales accounted for 17 % of total turnover. Within the electronic sales, 7% of total turnover came from web sales.

Most of these web sales were made through the enterprises' own websites or apps (6 % of total turnover) and the remaining web sales (1 % of total turnover) were via e-commerce marketplaces available on external websites or apps.

Among the EU Member States, the highest percentages of turnover realized through web sales were in Belgium and Ireland (both 15 %). The Member States with the lowest proportion of total turnover from web sales were Bulgaria and Slovenia (both 2 %).

Ireland had the highest proportion of web sales via e-commerce marketplaces (3 %). 

Bar chart of share of turnover from web sales for 2017


The data presented here are based on the results of the annual survey on 'ICT usage and e-commerce in enterprises', which covers enterprises with at least 10 people employed.


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