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The proportion of adults of working age taking part in either formal or non-formal education and training has been increasing over the past decade, from 35.2 % in 2007 to 45.1 % in 2016. Adult participation is mostly in non-formal types of training, such as job-related training courses - which account for the majority of non-formal learning activities - as well as classes on general culture or life skills that are organised outside the formal education system. In 2016, 42.6 % of adults took part in non-formal training in 2016, compared with 5.8 % of adults in formal training.

In 2016, the highest participation rates across the European Union Member States were recorded in the Netherlands (64.1 %) and Sweden (63.8 %). In Austria, Hungary, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Denmark between 50 % and 60 % of working-age adults participated in some form of education and training. The lowest rates were observed in Greece (16.7 %) and Romania (7.0 %).

Ranked bar chart of participation rates by country, 2016

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