Road accidents: regions with highest fatality rates


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There were 21 regions across the European Union (EU) where the number of road fatalities was at least 100 deaths per million inhabitants in 2016. The EU average was 50 deaths per million inhabitants.

The highest incidence rate for road fatalities in the EU — across NUTS level 2 regions — was recorded in the Bulgarian region of Severozapaden, where there were 153 fatalities per million inhabitants in 2016. It was followed by Alentejo (142 fatalities per million inhabitants) and Prov. Luxembourg (138). The Greek region of Notio Aigaio (134) and another Bulgarian region, Severen tsentralen (132), were the only other regions in the EU to record incidence rates that were higher than 125 deaths per million inhabitants in 2016.

Infographic: top 5 regions for fatal road accidents

The data source is here.


The lowest incidence rate for road fatalities in 2016 was recorded in the Austrian capital city region of Wien (10 deaths per million inhabitants). Including Wien, there were 31 regions across the EU where the incidence of road fatalities was below 25 deaths per million inhabitants (as shown by the lightest shade in the map).

Fata road accidents - map of EU regions 2016


The data for 2017 will be available around March next year. For more statistics on fatal road accidents, you can refer to Eurostat's online Regional Yearbook and the visualisation tool Regions and cities illustrated.

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