Land cover / use statistics – Overview


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LUCAS: what is it?

LUCAS stands for the Land Use and Coverage Area frame Survey. Eurostat has carried out this survey every 3 years since 2006 to identify changes in the European Union in:

  • land use
    meaning the socioeconomic use of land (for instance, agriculture, forestry, recreation or residential use).
  • land cover:
    for instance crops, grass, broad-leaved forest, or built-up area.

The latest published LUCAS survey dates from 2018. It provides observations at more than 330 000 points surveyed in the EU Member States.

The LUCAS 2018 survey started in March 2018 and ended in November 2018. The photos will be available in June 2019 with other results available in the 1st quarter of 2020.

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LUCAS photo viewer

Try out our map and photo viewer

Visualise statistical maps, access over 270 000 points in Europe from the different LUCAS surveys and access the data and the photos taken in-situ.

Statistical article


You are not a ‘data-type’ person, but want to know more how LUCAS data is collected and quality is assured? Our article on 'Statistics Explained' is for you!

LUCAS leaflet

LUCAS in a nutshell

Lost in (english) translation? Have a look at our leaflet which is available in several official EU languages and presents to you key facts, figures and tools.

Cover of the publication 'Redesign sample for LUCAS 2018'

Find out what’s new in 2018

This paper shows the characteristics of the new sampling design used for the 2018 round and the innovative methodology which is applied to it.

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LUCAS grid

LUCAS grid

Download the LUCAS 2x2 km² grid which is the starting list for the LUCAS survey design.

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