Exchange and interest rates - Overview


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What information can I find here?

This section provides information on both exchange rates and interest rates:

Exchange rates

An exchange rate is the price of a currency in terms of another currency. The Eurostat collection on exchange rates covers:

  • Exchange rates between the euro/ECU and other currencies;
  • Conversion factors for euro fixed series into euro/ECU;
  • Former euro area national currencies vs. euro/ECU;
  • Effective exchange rate indices.

Interest rates

An interest rate may be defined as the charge for borrowing money, measured as the percentage ratio between the sum payable to the lender and the amount borrowed, at an annual rate. The Eurostat collection on exchange rates covers:

  • Short-term interest rates;
  • Long-term interest rates, Maastricht criterion;
  • Long-term interest rates (non-EU countries);
  • Euro yield curves;
  • Historical data.

For more information on these available data, please see the page ‘Information on data’ in this section.

Note to users: The compilation and dissemination of monetary and financial indicators at the European level is chiefly the responsibility of the European Central Bank.


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