ISA² - Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens


The ISA² Programme supports the development of solutions in the area of interoperability. The solutions listed below are already operational and can be reused free of charge. More solutions will be made available continuously. 

Who is using ISA² solutions?

To see which EU countries are already using our solutions, click on a country in the map below. You will get a list of solutions used in the country. You can also filter the results by a specific solution (use the sidebar on the right). 

A collaborative platform facilitating the sharing and reuse of IT solutions developed for public administrations

When is this solution for you?

You would like to set up your own national collaborative platform and catalogue of reusable IT solutions providing similar services to those of Joinup.

Core Vocabularies

Simplified, reusable and extensible data models

When is this solution for you?

As a public administration, you want to:

- Develop new systems from a conceptual and logical data model
- Enable the information exchange between systems
- Integrate data from various sources
- Publish data in a common export format


A text mining tool to detect EU legal references for hyperlink creation or knowledge extraction

When is this solution for you?

You edit, manage and publish legal texts that include references to other legal texts. You want to avoid the tedious creation of web links. You need a tool that detects references and creates links pointing to their original repository, or any subsequent knowledge enrichment process.

LEOS image

A tool facilitating the drafting of legislative texts

When is this solution for you?

You are dealing with the editing or publication of legal texts. You are looking for an easy to use editing tool that provides guidance and quality control for writers. You also need a structured format that would enable automatic processing and interoperability between IT systems.

OCS for ECIs

Online Collection Software to support European Citizens' Initiatives

When is this solution for you?

You are the organiser of a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) and wish to gather statements of support online.


Open source licence

When is this solution for you?

You want to publish your software, data, documents, specifications or source codes under an open source licence that has a clear legal standing in European law.


A secure file exchange platform

When is this solution for you?

You are a European public administration that needs to electronically exchange information with other entities in a secure way.


A data model for describing public services and the associated life and business events

When is this solution for you?

You are responsible for implementing a catalogue or a portal of public services in your country, region, municipality, etc. In some cases you may need to compile and publish information about public services from various authorities.

Public administrations and service providers can use this to guarantee a degree of cross-domain and cross-border interoperability between public service catalogues.

European Legislation Identifier

Advancing the access, shareability and interoperability of legal information published through regional, national European and global legal information systems

When is this solution for you?

You represent a governmental legal information system: you seek a tool to facilitate interoperable and inclusive legal information sharing. You are a legal professional working in either national, European or global law context and you seek access to legal information that is organised and displayed in an efficient and coherent manner. You are a pioneer into business venture for legislation access solution. You are a citizen with a specific interest in regional, national or EU law or taking legal action.


A tool for mapping certificates necessary in public procurement 

When is this solution for you?

You want to participate in a tender across borders and you need to know what type of documents you may have to submit.
You are a public buyer that has to evaluate bids received from various EU countries.
You are an ICT service provider that offers an e-procurement solution.

A tool for creating, managing and analysing online surveys and public consultations

When is this solution for you?

You would like to create and conduct multilingual online surveys or consultations with easy analysis of results.


Metadata standard

When is this solution for you?

You are involved in the metadata management of a European public administration or service and want to explore, (re-)use or share semantic assets (metadata or reference data).

You are looking for ways to:
- describe semantic assets in a common way so that they can be seamlessly cross-queried and discovered by ICT developers  from a single access point, such as Joinup;
- search, identify, retrieve, compare semantic assets to be reused avoiding duplication and expensive design work through a single point of access;
- keep own system for documenting and storing semantic assets;
- improve indexing and visibility of own assets;
- link semantic assets to one another in cross-border and cross-sector settings.

Test Bed

Interoperability and conformance testing platform

When is this solution for you?

You are deploying a distributed application or a central service that other systems will connect to (e.g. a peer-to-peer network or a web service).

You are an owner of a system that wants to connect to a central service, and you want to ensure interoperability between the interconnecting systems.

A data communication network service, operated by the European Commission

When is this solution for you?

You would like to implement an information system to exchange data between your administration and other administrations in Europe (EU and national). The security and availability of the data are especially important to you.


Specification describing public sector datasets

When is this solution for you?

You have a data catalogue or you would like to create a data catalogue. In this catalogue, you want to:
Make the data easily searchable and discoverable in many languages for the highest number of data consumers possible.
- Improve the information provided by data owners on their datasets with a minimum set of mandatory information (e.g. title for the dataset).

Open Project Management Methodology

When is this solution for you?

You are a project manager looking for free and easy to use project management methodology. 

The Re3gistry is a tool to manage and share reference codes.

When is this solution for you?

When you need to manage and share reference codes within and between organisations, the Re3gistry solution can support you. These reference codes uniquely define sets of permissible values for a data field or provide context for the exchanged data. Examples of reference codes are simple enumerations and flat lists to complex controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, thesauri.

CAMSS logo

Common assessment method for standards and specifications

When is this solution for you?

You want to use ICT standards or specifications in procuring and implementing your regional, national or cross-border ICT services. You would like to make sure that you choose the best available ICT standards or specifications to fulfil your business needs.


A toolkit to assess the potential interoperability of software solutions supporting public services

When is this solution for you?

You work in a public administration and you want to assess the potential interoperability of your software solutions supporting public services.

The National Interoperability Framework Observatory

When is this solution for you?

You work for a public administration and you are in charge of drafting or reviewing your National Interoperability Framework (NIF). You are responsible for an interoperability initiative. You want to make sure that this Framework or initiative is aligned with the European Interoperability Framework (EIF). You want to have a comprehensive overview of eGovernment activities in European countries or at European Union level.