Sharing & Reuse Conference 2019

The registration is now open for the Sharing & Reuse Conference 2019! The event is organised by the European Commission’s ISA² Programme, under the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU. If you are interested in open source policies and strategies, and their implementation in EU countries, come and join us on 11 June in Bucharest, Romania.

Sharing & Reuse Awards 2019

Great news! Public administrations interested in the Sharing & Reuse Awards have extra time to submit their entries. We are pleased to announce that the deadline has been extended until 12 March 2019, to accommodate all innovative and impactful entries.


Only a few days are left for providing feedback on the ISA² Programme in the ongoing public consultation. The deadline is 1 March 2019. The results of the consultation will be used to improve the implementation of ISA² and its eventual successor programme to bring more value to Europeans.


The European Legislation Identifier (ELI) offers a consistent and elaborated mechanism to identify, reference, and reuse legal information on the web. The ELI ontology is the backbone for a pan-European interoperable legal information system as it characterises the relationships between national and European legislative resources. A new version of the ontology is now available and brings several improvements.


In the past few months, the SEMIC team tackled various topics to help public administrations in Europe solve semantic interoperability challenges. This included updating our data specifications such as DCAT-AP, sharing knowledge and insights on our semantic solutions through studies, and setting up new pilots to test ISA² solutions - just to name a few highlights!

Sharing & Reuse Awards

As January comes to an end, the deadline for submissions to the Sharing & Reuse Awards Contest is approaching. Now in its second edition, the contest will honour exceptional work in the development of IT solutions, either of open source software or shared IT services, by or for public administrations. What do you gain by taking part in this competition?

ICT implications

In the world of rapidly developing technologies, it is important to ensure that legislation takes into account potential ICT impacts and fosters the take-up of digital solutions. Under the Legal Interoperability Action, the ISA² Programme is working on tools to help legislators create “digital-ready” law. To exchange experience and best practices, ISA² met a representative of Denmark’s Agency for Digitalisation.

Open PM2 conference

The new PM² Methodology Guide is now available in the EU Bookshop. This 3rd edition of the open project management methodology supported by the ISA² Programme comes with a number of changes and reflects the collective work achieved in the past years. 


The Interinstitutional Register of Delegated Acts was launched on 12 December 2017. Since then, it has offered a one stop-shop for anyone interested in the lifecycle of delegated acts, from their planning to their publication in the Official Journal. The technical solution of the project was developed with support of the ISA² Programme.


The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the ISA​² Programme. It aims at gathering feedback on the programme that reached now its midway point. The consultation is available in 23 EU languages and open until 1 March 2019.

Core Vocabularies and GDPR study

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect in May 2018, provides a new framework for harmonised governance of data protection rules across the EU and the protection and empowerment of EU citizens regarding the use of their personal data. The ISA² Action 2016.07 SEMIC: Promoting semantic interoperability amongst the EU Member States has developed a study that examines the use and application of Core Vocabularies and, more specifically, the Core Person Vocabulary as a potential enabler for the data portability right. It also assesses how public administrations in the EU could comply with these provisions using Core Vocabularies.

VocBench 3

While authority lists, taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies are increasingly used to drive data, content and information processes, a free web-based platform facilitating their collaborative editing and management, and designed to meet the needs of the semantic web is made available as an open-source solution, VocBench 3. A new version (4.0) of the platform has been recently released.

ISA² Mid-Term Conference Visual

The agenda of the ISA² Mid-Term Conference: Linking Public Administrations, Businesses and Citizens organised by the European Commission’s ISA² Programme is now available. The EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel, and the Head of Department for Digital and eGovernment at Austria’s Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs, Peter Kustor, will open the event. Mário Campolargo, Deputy Director-General of Directorate-General for Informatics at the European Commission, will present the progress of the ISA² Programme. The conference will take place on 29 November 2018 at the cultural house Flagey in Brussels, and will be facilitated by the stand-up comedian Louis Zezeran.

Access to EC documents

Between 29 June 2018 and 21 September 2018, the European Commission conducted a public consultation on a new online platform for public access to Commission documents, open to all citizens and entities with an interest in this field. 576 respondents in total took part in the consultation, 27 % of whom stated that they had already introduced a request for access to documents.

ISA² workshop at EWRC 2018

Almost one hundred people from different countries, regions and cities joined our first workshop ever at the EURegionsWeek. Our presence there was complemented with 4 presentations in the agora covering topics like the implementation of the EIF and its monitoring through NIFO, Sharing and Reuse of IT solutions and Joinup, the repository of open source IT solutions developed under the ISA² Programme.

SDG Interoperability

The Single Digital Gateway Regulation was adopted by the European Parliament and Council on 3 October. As of end 2020, the gateway will become the online access point for citizens and business in need of information to get active in any EU Member State. It will be known and promoted to the general public as ‘Your Europe’. The new tool will provide reliable and verified search results about a great host of rules, rights, procedures and high-quality help services. In addition, users will be able to perform a number of these procedures fully online and enjoy the benefits of the once-only principle.

NIFO workshop

On 28 September, ISA² held a workshop gathering National Interoperability Framework Observatory (NIFO) Contact Points to discuss the new monitoring mechanism of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF). The new monitoring mechanism aims at measuring the level of implementation of the EIF recommendations and principles and in this way to provide better insight to the EU Member States on areas where they can improve when it comes to interoperability.


The ISA² Interoperability Test Bed, a web-based platform that provides a conformance testing solution to projects developing cross-border public services, has published new documentation and training materials. The easy to follow but comprehensive documentation refers both to users, to provide explanations on Test Bed concepts and step-by-step usage instructions, as well as to developers, to reduce the learning curve involved in developing test cases.


The new version 4.0 of CIRCABC has arrived! It comes up with a new user interface, features and improvements to make the application more user-friendly.

standard-based archival data management

Archival institutions worldwide are constantly searching for IT solutions to support their business activities. A comprehensive overview of existing IT solutions covering both the existing standards and best practices for the various archival processes did not exist or was very fragmented or outdated. A new report provides an up to date overview of the current landscape complemented with an assessment tool that helps to support decision-making. The report and the assessment tool are first result of the “Standards-based archival data management” action supported by the ISA² Programme.