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The Re3gistry is a tool to manage and share reference codes.

It provides a central access point that allows labels and descriptions for reference codes to be easily looked up by humans or retrieved by machines.

It supports organisations in managing and updating reference codes consistently in a well governed manner so that all versions of a code remain traceable and adequately documented over time.

The Re3gistry development started under the ISA Are3na action. It continues under the ISA2 ELISE action.

When is this solution for you? 

When you need to manage and share reference codes within and between organisations, the Re3gistry solution can support you. These reference codes uniquely define sets of permissible values for a data field or provide context for the exchanged data. Examples of reference codes are simple enumerations and flat lists to complex controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, thesauri.

What can we offer you? 

By using the Re3gistry, you can:

  • avoid common errors such as entering synonyms or spelling mistakes when filling in online forms
  • facilitate internationalisation of user interfaces by providing multilingual labels
  • ensure semantic interoperability when exchanging data between systems and applications
  • apply a well-known governance model to accept and update reference codes
  • promote the value and the reuse of reference codes

Our solution at a glance 
  • User-friendly editing interface
  • Easy management of users and groups
  • ISO 19135: 2005 Integrated procedures for the registration of reference codes
  • Multilingual management
  • Different formats available and easy to tailor and expand (JSON, XML, RDF, ... and ISO19135)
  • Easy data export and re-indexing (SOLR)
  • Integrated REST APIs compliant with the Open API initiative
  • Public user interface ready to use fully customisable
  • Installation wizard including migration from Re3gistry 1.3
  • Guides for users, administrators and developers
  • RSS feed
  • Register federation format automatically produced to integrate in register federation tool

Get started 

Get the latest source code from the Re3gistry's Joinup page or GitHub development space.

If you would like to access the former versions of the Re3gistry (until Re3gistry version 1.3), you can get them here.

Check out the documentation: User manual, Administrator manual and Developer manual.

R3gistry is an open-source solution licensed under EUPL 1.2 hosted in the Github platform to foster the creation of a community to improve and maintain the Re3gistry software.

Join the Re3gistry open source community and start making suggestions, notifying bugs, improving documentation, or even contributing code!


Is this solution open source? 
Any questions? 

Contact us the Re3gistry team at:


Twitter: @EUlocation

More detailed information 

Subscribe to the Re3gistry solution in the Joinup platform to get the information of new releases, news, events, new reuses...

Who is already using this solution? 


Chris Schubert
Austrian (CCCA) registryThe Re3gistry, as vocabulary server, is needed to make code list and their content open available. The important task of a registry is to provide persistent identifier. Keep the versions and time stamps, as kind as provenance information is essential. Provide a structure of a controlled vocabulary, as a value, has a mandatory definition and a label is not negligible."

Chris Schubert, Head of CCCA, Data Centre GEO Coordinator for Austria, Climate Change Centre Austria

Other users:

Key facts and figures 

The Re3gistry software, the underlying system behind the INSPIRE registry service, is currently handling ten registries with more than 7000 reference codes in 23 languages and served in 7 different formats.