Methodology - Waste


Methodological documents

Data collections - documents and deadlines

Waste statistics according to Regulation (EC) No 2150/2002, 30 June each even year

Municipal waste statistics, 16 November each year

Batteries and accumulators and waste batteries and accumulators, 30 June each year

End of life vehicles, 30 June each year

Food waste and food waste prevention, 30 July 

Packaging and packaging waste, 30 June each year

Annual consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags, 30 June each year

Waste electrical and electronic equipment, 30 June each year

Household/municipal waste recycling targets (WFD Article 11.2.a), 30 June each year

Construction & demolition waste recovery targets (WFD Article 11.2.b), 30 June each year

Waste shipment Regulation, 31 December each year

Data transmission via EDAMIS - documentation