Is your country expensive?


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Price levels for consumer goods and services differ widely among EU Member States. Denmark and Luxembourg had the highest price levels in 2017 (both 41 % above the EU average), followed by Sweden (35 % above), Ireland (28 % above), Finland (23 % above) and the United Kingdom (17 % above), while the lowest price levels were recorded in Bulgaria (56 % below the EU average), Romania (52 % below), Poland (47 % below), Hungary (42 % below) and Lithuania (40 % below).

At a more detailed level, Denmark was the most expensive Member State in 2017 for "restaurants and hotels" (51 % above the EU average), "food" (50 % above), "recreation and culture" (48 % above), "transport (28 % above) and "household equipment" (20 % above). Ireland was the most expensive Member State for "alcoholic beverages and tobacco" (74 % above), Luxembourg for "housing, water, electricity and gas" (63 % above), Greece for "communications" (54 % above) and Sweden for "clothing and footwear" (34 % above).

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