How digital are you?



Do you access the internet from your smartphone? Do you use social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, or make online calls via FaceTime and Skype? What about online shopping - did you order something over the internet during the past year?

If so, then you are part of our ICT statistics! Find out more about the internet use of people and businesses in your country and in the EU with our digital publication 'Digital economy & society in the EU', which now has been updated with data from the 2017 ICT surveys for most indicators and visualisations.

This publication provides easily understandable statistics on several ICT-related topics and presents them through texts, interactive data visualisations and an animation. It aims to provide answers to some common questions, for example about internet use, but also more specific and lesser-known aspects, such as digital skills and e-sales.

For example, did you know that your online purchases make up only 3% of business turnover in the EU? No? Then watch our short video and find out more:

Access the publication here.