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On average, full-time employees in the European Union (EU) were paid for 38 hours per week in 2016, 18 hours more than part-time employees in the EU, who were paid for 20 hours per week.


Across the EU Member States, the average number of hours paid to full-time employees ranged from 40 hours per week, in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Czechia, Cyprus, Malta and Austria, to 35 hours per week in France.

Bar chart showing average weekly paid hours for all employees, full-time employees and part-time employees, 2016

For part-time employees in the different EU Member States, the average number of weekly hours paid ranged from 23 hours in Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy and France, to 13 hours in Denmark.

The figures are derived from the latest results of the four-yearly Labour Cost Survey, which provides details on the level and structure of labour cost data, hours worked and hours paid for employees in the EU.

Hours paid include all normal and overtime hours worked and remunerated by the employer during the reference year. They also include hours not worked but nevertheless paid (e.g. annual leave, public holidays, paid sick leave, paid vocational training, paid special leave etc.). The total number of paid hours relates to all employees, regardless of whether they have worked the entire reference year or shorter.


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