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The full results of the Community Innovation Survey 2016, which contains a broad set of indicators on innovation activities of enterprises, are now available in the Eurostat online database.

In a nutshell, in the European Union (EU) around half (51 %) of the enterprises of 10 employees or more reported innovation activity during the period 2014-2016, slightly more than in the period 2012-2014 (49 %). The share of innovative enterprises increased or stayed the same in 20 EU Member States and decreased in eight. Particularly strong increases were reported for Estonia, Portugal, Finland and Croatia. With increases from 54 % to 67 % in Portugal and from 55 % to 65 % in Finland these two countries are now amongst the top five countries.


Highest proportions of innovative enterprises in Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Luxembourg and Germany

During the period 2014-2016, the highest proportions of enterprises with innovation activity were recorded in Belgium (68 % of enterprises), Portugal (67 %), Finland (65 %), Luxembourg (64 %) and Germany (64 %). In the same period, the share was below 30% in Romania (10 %), Poland (22 %), Bulgaria (27 %) and Hungary (29 %).

Ranked bar chart of share of innovative enterprises in each Member State, 2016

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