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Obesity rate by body mass index (BMI)

% of population aged 18 or over
The indicator measures the share of obese people based on their body mass index (BMI). BMI is defined as the weight in kilos divided by the square of the height in meters.
People aged 18 years or over are considered obese with a BMI equal or greater than 30. Other categories are: underweight (BMI less than 18.5), normal weight (BMI between 18.5 and less than 25), and pre-obese (BMI between 25 and less than 30). The category overweight (BMI equal or greater than 25) combines the two categories pre-obese and obese.

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Code: sdg_02_10
Last update: 31/01/20
Oldest data: 2008
Most recent data: 2017
Number of values: 246
Themes: General and regional statistics