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Private sector debt, consolidated - % of GDP

The private sector debt is the stock of liabilities held by the sectors Non-Financial corporations, Households and Non-Profit institutions serving households (S.11_S.14_S.15). The instruments that are taken into account to compile private sector debt are Debt securities (F.3) and Loans (F.4).
Data are presented in consolidated terms, i.e. do not taking into account transactions within the same sector, and expressed in % of GDP and million of national currency. Definitions regarding sectors and instruments are based on the ESA 2010.
The MIP scoreboard indicator is the stock of private sector debt in percentage of GDP. The indicator is calculated as: [PSDt/GDPt]*100. The indicative threshold of private sector debt is 133%.

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Code: tipspd20
Last update: 27/10/20
Oldest data: 1995
Most recent data: 2019
Number of values: 1388
Themes: General and regional statistics