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MIP: what is it?

The Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure (MIP) is a surveillance mechanism that aims to identify potential macroeconomic risks early on, prevent the emergence of harmful macroeconomic imbalances and correct the imbalances that are already in place. It is therefore a system for monitoring economic policies and detecting potential harm to the proper functioning of the economy of a Member State, of the Economic and Monetary Union, and of the European Union as a whole.

In order to detect potentially harmful imbalances and competitiveness losses at an early stage of their emergence, a scoreboard has been implemented. It consists of a combination of stock and flow indicators which can capture both short-term rapid deteriorations as well as the long-term gradual accumulation of imbalances.

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See the situation in your country

Explore the MIP indicators used to identify emerging or persistent macroeconomic imbalances in a country.

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Get a snapshot of the MIP indicators

With our interactive maps, you can easily visualise recent data on the economic imbalances and employment indicators.

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Shed light on MIP

Read our dedicated Statistics Explained article to get information on the policy context and statistical indicators used for the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure.

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Read our latest news release

It contains the MIP scoreboard indicators and their thresholds for the EU Member States for the 2020 Alert Mechanism Report.

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Got a question on MIP?

Have a look at our comprehensive set of ‘Frequently asked questions’ (FAQ) for information on the indicators, sources and many other aspects.

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Focus on quality

Get to know more about the quality of the statistics underlying the MIP. 

Alert Mechanism Report

Alert Mechanism Report

This report is the starting point of the annual cycle of the MIP and provides an economic reading of the MIP scoreboard.

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Statistical Annex data

Find here the data supporting economic policy decisions of the European Semester.