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Eurostat statistics on fisheries contain data for the EU, the Member States, the United Kingdom, Iceland and Norway on:

  • catches of fish products made by vessels in fishing regions;
  • aquaculture production, both in marine and fresh-water;
  • landings of fishery products in ports;
  • Fishing fleet.

The current common fisheries policy (CFP) in the EU aims at an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable use of the common resource including aquaculture production. The CFP is a set of rules for managing European fishing fleets and for conserving fish stocks. Designed to manage a common resource, it gives all European fishing fleets equal access to EU waters and fishing grounds and allows fishermen to compete fairly. The current policy stipulates that between 2015 and 2020 catch limits should be set that are sustainable and maintain fish stocks in the long term.

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