Supply, Use and Input-Output tables — Overview



What are supply and use tables?

Supply and use tables (SUT) are matrices by product and industry demonstrating how the domestic production and import of goods and services is used for intermediate consumption and final use (consumption, gross capital formation and export).

The use table provides also information about value added components (compensation of employees, other net taxes on production, consumption of fixed capital, net operating surplus).

What are input-output tables?

Input-output tables (IOT) are product-by-product or industry-by-industry matrices combining both supply and use into a single table with identical classification of products or industries, applied to both rows and columns. These are analytical tables derived from supply and use tables. Input-output modelling helps for economic impact analysis and can answer questions such as:

  1. What happens to job growth when income taxes are increased on businesses?
  2. How much does industry output react when the price of gasoline increases?
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The employment content of EU exports

This 'Eurona' edition contains an article on the employment content of EU exports, based on the FIGARO tables.

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Denmark in the spotlight

What is the impact of a 1 million DKK "shock" to Danish final use on production, input and employment in Denmark?  These new data answers such question and many others.

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Dig into our publication

Read the newly published statistical working paper “EU inter-country supply, use and input-output table (FIGARO)”, also called FIGARO book, describing the whole process of compiling the FIGARO tables.


Supply & use tables made easy

Have a look at this infographic (in PDF format) which will help you to better understand the different aspects of these tables and how they connected. 

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FIGARO tables

Learn more about the experimental statistics on EU-inter country Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables (EU-IC-SUIOTs) also referred to as the FIGARO tables.

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