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Working Group on EPSAS and other Expert Groups

The Working Group on EPSAS was set-up in September 2015, to build on the work of the Task Forces and to establish a more permanent forum concerned with the development, introduction and operation of EPSAS.

The Working Group is a technical experts group. Discussion inform the Commission's work concerning EPSAS and focus on unresolved issues. In particular, the Working Group should identify the key issues for EPSAS governance and standards, and discuss how to develop and introduce suitable EPSAS structures and requirements.

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Register of Commission expert groups: EPSAS

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Links to documents of EPSAS Expert Groups (Cells)

During the first meeting of the Working Group, held in September 2015, Eurostat proposed reducing the complexity of the EPSAS project by splitting it into smaller topics that could be tackled by individual expert groups before being discussed with the Working Group. A number of so-called small expert groups, called “cells”, were set up:

EPSAS update to the Working Group members and observers

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Task forces

Prior to the establishment of the Working Group two Task Forces were created with specific mandates.

Task Force EPSAS Governance was created to exchange views with the Member States' authorities on possible future governance arrangements and underlying key principles of EPSAS. The Task Force should assist Eurostat to identify the key issues for EPSAS governance; discuss how to balance those issues, and thereby assist Eurostat to develop a model for the EPSAS governance structure.

Task Force EPSAS Standards was created to exchange views with the Member States' authorities on technical aspects of the standards. The Task Force should assist Eurostat to:

  1. analyse the most contentious IPSASs and address the concrete difficulties encountered with some of the IPSASs in practice, and ways to overcome them;
  2. analyse the possibility to reduce burden, and complexity of the standards for small public entities; 
  3. discuss the implementation of standards via a progressive batched approach.

Documentation for both task forces is available in the public library of our CircaBC website
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