Internet calendar

Consult the Euro-indicators release calendar from within your own calendar by subscribing to Eurostat's internet calendar

Eurostat makes the Euro-indicators release calendar also available as an internet calendar in ics format.

This allows you to easily include the Euro-indicator release calendar in the most popular calendar applications like Outlook, Google calendar, etc.

When is the internet calendar updated?

Eurostat updates the internet calendar twice a day at 11:00 and 23:00 and will be automatically updated in your own calendar.

What information is supplied by the internet calendar?

The internet calendar contains the same information as the on-line Euro-indicators calendar.

  • The indicator published and the reference period
  • The release date and time
  • The state of the release - Preliminary, confirmed or released
  • Whether the release is accompanied with a news release - Yes/No
  • The source of data

Additionally, it provides a direct link to the Eurostat press releases once they are publicly available.

Where can I find the internet calendar?

The internet calendar is available in three languages at the following locations, which simply needs to be copied into your calendar application: 

  • English:
  • German:
  • French:

How to subscribe to the internet calendar from your own calendar?

Simply add the link to the internet calendar to your calendar application.

As an example, here are the steps to follow to subscribe from Outlook:

  • Go to calendar
  • Click on "Open Calendar"


Internet calendar header image


  • Select "From Internet…"

Open calendar image









  • Paste the link of the internet calendar into the field and click OK

Internet calendar subscription image