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  • 21/02/2017

    2016 annual report on intra-EU labour mobility

    In 2015, almost 11.3 million EU citizens of working age were residing in a Member State other than their country of citizenship. This report presents an overview of mobility within the EU as well as of the economic integration of the mobile workers. In addition, report  focus this year on workers going back to their country of origin, and on the mobility at higher age (retired EU-movers).

  • 03/02/2017

    Tvoje prvé pracovné miesto EURES - Cielený program mobility - Vydanie 2017

    Tvoje prvé pracovné miesto EURES je iniciatíva, ktorú financuje EÚ s cieľom: pomôcť mladým Európanom nájsť si prácu, stáž alebo odbornú učňovskú prax v inej krajine EÚ, EZVO/EHP, pomôcť zabezpečiť malým a stredným podnikom aj iným zamestnávateľom prístup k širšej základni talentov. V praktickej príručke sa píše: aké sú požiadavky oprávnenosti a ako sa prihlásiť, ako získať podporu orientovanú na prácu a finančnú podporu, kde možno nájsť ďalšie informácie. Začnite si hľadať svoje prvé pracovné miesto EURES už dnes!

  • 27/07/2016

    EURES European (online) Job Days - Broadening work horizons

    If you are unemployed, looking for a new challenge or can’t find the skills you need for your company the European Job Days could be for you. Onsite or online, these Europe-wide recruitment fairs match jobseekers with employers in other European countries. Get to know more about the European (online) Job Days platform and read about jobseekers and employers success stories created thanks to the EURES network and the European (online) Job Days platform.

  • 09/06/2016

    The European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens

    The EU has developed the Digital Competence Framework for Citizens — known as DigComp — and a related self-assessment tool. These resources provide people with the opportunity to assess their digital competence and identify gaps in their knowledge, skills and attitudes. Using DigComp will help citizens to achieve goals related to work, employability, learning, leisure and participation in the digital society.

  • 25/08/2015

    Upskilling unemployed adults (aged 25 to 64): The organisation, profiling and targeting of training provision

    This review presents an in-depth analysis of funded training provision across Member States aimed at raising the skills of adult unemployed persons (25-64) with low levels of qualifications or inadequate basic skills. The review describes the funding, the institutions responsible for governance and the implementation of training programmes. It maps and provides detailed information of the set-up of training interventions and measures provided to unemployed adults throughout the 33 EEPO countries. The review also explores lessons from comparative analysis, drawing on evaluation findings, highlighting effective design features and considers the role of the European Structural Fund (ESF) in supporting training for unemployed adults. Finally, it outlines the challenges training programmes need to overcome and presents a set of recommendations.

    This publication is available only in electronic version in English.