EudraBook V1 - May 2015 / EudraLex V30 - January 2015


EudraBook V1

Eudralex V30


EudraBook V1 - May 2015

Compendium of EU pharmaceutical law

To understand the EU legal framework for medicinal products it is important to know the applicable provisions of the legislation itself. This E-Book is intended to support readers in this regard by putting together the most recent versions of the key legal instruments on medicinal products for human use. It provides a useful overview for stakeholders, especially the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory authorities, legal practitioners, but also interested citizens, patients and healthcare professionals



Publication year: 2015

ISBN: 978-92-79-44435-7

DOI: 10.2772/288501

Catalogue number : NB-06-15-186-EN-N

Publication year: 2015

ISBN: 978-92-79-44434-0

DOI: 10.2772/557259

Catalogue number : NB-06-15-186-EN-E

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Eudralex V30 - January 2015

Now, you can consult the whole Pharmaceutical Legislation (Human and Veterinary) with an integrated search engine.
The Eudralex V30 is similar to the EudraLex section of this web site, but it can be used off-line with the search engine. All the documents are in.pdf format and without protection.

For a non-commercial use, Eudralex V30 zipmay be duplicated, shared and the documents may be printed.

How to proceed ?

Download on your PC the  file V30 January 2015zip

For PC or MAC user:

Unzip the file anywhere: on a USB key, dvd rom, a portable hard drive on your PC, a server to share.

With your browser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, ...) open the file index.html and you can consult and do research throughout the pharmaceutical legislation.

If any problem occurs with  Eudralex V29 (content or creation), please send us a mail.


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