The EU Health Strategy "Together for Health" supports the overall Europe 2020 strategy.

Europe 2020 aims to turn the EU into a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy promoting growth for all – one prerequisite of which is a population in good health.

Investing in health

As well as being a value in itself, health is a precondition for economic prosperity. Efficient spending on health can promote growth.

Europe needs smart investments in health:

  • spending smarter but not necessarily more in sustainable health systems
  • investing in people’s health, particularly through health‑promotion programmes
  • investing in health coverage as a way of reducing inequalities and tackling social exclusion.

Investing in health – Commission staff working documentpdf(3 MB) – published in February 2013 as part of the Social Investment Package for growth and cohesion.

EU health strategy – key figures

Together for Health

The comprehensive EU strategy Together for healthpdf(123 KB) Choose translations of the previous link Deutsch (de) français (fr) , adopted in 2007:

  • responds to challenges faced by member countries by strengthening cooperation and coordination across the EU
  • complements national health policies in line with Art. 168 of the Treaty on the functioning of the EUpdf.

An evaluation by the European Commission (2011) found that the strategy acts as a reference for actions taken at national and EU levels and confirmed that the principles and objectives identified in 2007 will remain valid for the next decade in the context of Europe 2020.