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20 March 2015


Health Programme Project leader speaks to Italian TV RAI3 on the dangers of alcohol for young people

Interviewed on 16/03/2015, Dr Emanuele Scafato - Director of Osservatorio Nazionale Alcol dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanità - speaks in an up-to-the-point manner to the Italian channel RAI 3 about the dangers of alcohol for young people... Read more

05 February 2015


BTSF Newsletter

February 2015 issue... Read more

27 February 2015


Results of the National Framework Implementation for SHIPSAN ACT Joint Action

The SHIPSAN ACT is a European Joint Action funded under the Health Programme 2012 with 32 partners from 24 European countries... Read more

26 February 2015

Tuberculosis Health Programme actions workshop

The workshop aims to promote the new Health Programme 2014-2020 as an instrument to tackle TB and multidrug resistant TB (MDR)... Read more

24 February 2015

Exchange of Officials 2015

Exchange of Officials 2015

The invitation for the "2015 Support to the Exchange of enforcement officials in the areas of the Consumer Safety (GPSD) and Consumer Protection (CPC) in the form of special indemnities"- has been published... Read more

24 February 2015

The Rare Disease Day

Rare Disease Day takes place each year on the last day of February. The main aim of this event is to build awareness on people living with a rare disease and their families... Read more

04 February 2015

Healthy lifestyles

High Level Conference

"Healthy lifestyles: nutrition and physical activity for children and young people at schools"... Read more

20 January 2015

Video on Ebola

VIDEO: Is there a risk of Ebola spreading in Europe?

Don’t mistake the flu or a common cold symptoms with Ebola... Read more

5 January 2015

Chronic Diseases and Healthy Ageing

Workshop on Chronic Diseases and Healthy Ageing

The workshop aims at presenting results from several projects and joint actions co-funded under the 2nd Health Programme... Read more