EU anti-tobacco campaigns

29% of Europeans smoke, and smoking continues to be the largest single cause of preventable death and disease in the EU. 31% of smokers have tried to give up smoking within the last 12 months.

The European Commission has a history of work in the area of smoking prevention and cessation, in addition to tobaccco control more broadly.

In the past years a number of campaigns have been developed that seek to address the burden of tobacco-consumption across Europe.

Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable (2011-2013)


Target audience

25 to 34 year old smokers (= 28 million Europeans)


  • Encourage citizens to stop smoking and help them quit
  • Raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco
  • Contribute to the EU Commission’s long-term objective of a smoke free Europe

Online coach

At the centre of the “Ex-smokers are Unstoppable” campaign was the iCoach, a digital health coach platform that helps smokers quit at their own pace either immediately or in the near future.

Smokers from all EU countries still have free access to the iCoach in their own language via national Facebook pages. The iCoach analyses smoking habits and provides daily, tailored advice.

'iCoach' as a mobile app

Link to the mobile app mobile appQR code linking to the app

News and events

The campaign also included national public and press-related events.

Campaign key facts & infographics


TV clips 2013

My sisterMy sonMy dad

EU and FC Barcelona team up against smoking

quit smoking with Barça

HELP - For a life without tobacco (2005-2010)

The previous campaign, "HELP – For a life without tobacco", which ran from 2005 to 2010, was focused on smoking prevention, smoking cessation, and passive smoking, targeting young Europeans between 15 and 25 years of age.