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Register in the Participant Register

If you want to participate in a project proposal, your organisation needs to be registered in the Participant Register of the Funding & Tenders Portal and have a 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC).

You can verify whether your organisation is already registered and has a PIC on the Funding & Tenders Portal. If not, you can start the registration process on the same page and, once completed, get the PIC to be quoted in your proposal and in any correspondence with the Commission.

If your proposal is successful, you will receive a notification that your proposal is selected for funding. When needed, the Commission will ask you to:

  • provide supporting documents to confirm the information declared during the registration of your organisation (validation of the legal entity)
  • appoint a "Legal Entity Appointed Representative" (the so-called "LEAR")
  • provide supporting documents to verify the financial viability of your organisation

  • Please note that the Participant Register is primarily directed at organisations, and that the Registration wizard therefore uses some labels that do not really fit for individuals (natural persons). Enter your information as appropriate (e.g. country of residence instead of country of registration; passport number instead of registration number, etc.)

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