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Research & Innovation - Funding & Tenders Portal H2020 Online Manual

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IT help

Data update

Who can update the online information about your organisation?
  • Initially, only person who first registered the organisation but
  • once appointed, only the appointed representative (LEAR)

To change the information on your organisation, go to My Organisations on the Funding & Tenders Portal.

Supporting documents

Please upload legal/financial supporting documents for any updates you submit so that the Commission can validate them.

Maximum size for uploads: 6MB per file

Changes of legal status

If an organisation changes status, such as an SME becoming a large enterprise, it retains any advantages from its previous status for the whole duration of any grant agreement signed before the change. However, you must inform the Commission whenever such changes occur.

Other changes like mergers and acquisitions, transfer of rights and obligations to other entities, etc. will require amendment to ongoing grant agreement.

Managing roles in the organisation

One role of the appointed representative (LEAR) is to assign other roles to people in his/her organisation.

In H2020 the LEAR has the responsibility to appoint the following:

  • one or more legal signatory (LSIGN), authorised to sign grant agreements and amendments on behalf of the organisation
  • one or more financial signatory (FSIGNs), authorised to sign financial statements (Forms C) for the organisation

When nominating FSIGNs or LSIGNs, the LEAR can add comments that help project participants select the right FSIGN or LSIGN for their project. These optional comments are useful to define the scope of responsibilities or duration of FSIGNs or LSIGNs in large organisations with different departments or institutes (e.g. Mr Smith can sign for projects of Department X from 1 February 2014). See more details in the Roles and access rights section.

The LEAR (or any of the account administrators he/she has appointed) can withdraw the role of FSIGN or LSIGN at any time, after which the person will no longer be able to sign.

The LEAR can also revoke any other roles in his organisation when necessary.