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Admissibility and eligibility check

Once you have submitted a proposal, the Commission:

  • checks it is admissible (complete and properly put together) and eligible
  • asks independent experts to evaluate it

The admissibility conditions and related requirements, as well as the eligibility criteria are detailed in the General Annexes (B and C) of the H2020 Work Programme or ERC Work programme and in the specific call conditions, if applicable.

Admissibility criteria

Admissibility checks include checking if the proposal:

  • is submitted via the official online submission system before the call deadline
  • is complete – accompanied by the relevant administrative forms, proposal description and any supporting documents specified in the call
  • is readable, accessible and printable
  • includes a draft plan for the exploitation and dissemination of the results, unless otherwise specified in the call conditions. The draft plan is not required for proposals at the first stage of two-stage procedures.

Furthermore, page limits will apply to proposals/applications. Your proposal must not exceed the maximum number of pages indicated in the proposal template (Part B). If you attempt to upload a proposal longer than the specified limit before the deadline, you will receive an automatic warning and will be advised to shorten and re-upload the proposal. After the deadline, excess pages (in over-long proposals/applications) will be automatically made invisible, and will not be taken into consideration by the experts.

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility checks include basic checkings: if the contents of proposals are in line with the topic description; if they involve enough of the right participants or if they meet Standard eligibility conditions and any other eligibility conditions (specific conditions in case of MSCA or ERC projects).

A proposal is eligible if:

  • its contents are in line with the topic description in the call
  • it involves enough of the right participants and meets Standard eligibility criteria and any other eligibility conditions set out in the call or topic page

The conditions specific to Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) are described in the MSCA part of the General Work Programme.

The conditions specific to European Research Council (ERC) grants are described in the ERC Work Programme:

  • For more information on participation of third country participants, see section on cross-cutting issues (international cooperation).

Specific cases:

  • Two-stage submission schemes: An eligibility check is carried out at first stage. At second stage, we will check that the eligibility conditions are still complied with.
  • If your Marie Skłodowska-Curie action proposal is ineligible for the call you submitted it for, but eligible in another open call, we will transfer the proposal to that call.

Outcome of the admissibility and eligibility check

If your proposal is considered inadmissible or ineligible, your coordinator will be informed (via a ‘proposal rejection letter’ sent through the electronic exchange system), together with the reasons why and how to appeal.

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