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Back Food safety statistics - Inventory of data available in the EU Member States, EFTA and candidate countries

The object of food safety statistics is to provide a framework for the quantitative evaluation of data on the safety of products used for human or animal consumption on the territory of the Member States, irrespective of whether these products are manufactured within the EU or imported. This document is a first attempt to make an inventory of information on food safety issues, available in EU Member States, EFTA and Candidate Countries. Due to the wide scope of the project which covers fields "from farm to fork", it has not been possible to make a complete and "in-depth" overview of all data available. The reader should consider this version as preliminary and subject to revisions.

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Release date: 23‑06‑2004

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Product code: KS-AZ-04-001
Theme: Agriculture, forestry and fisheries
Collection: Statistical working papers