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null Europe in figures - Eurostat yearbook 2006-07

Europe in figures - Eurostat yearbook 2006-07 - presents a comprehensive selection of statistical data on the European Union, its Member States and candidate countries. Most data cover the period 1995-2005 and some data include other countries such as the USA and Japan. With almost 400 statistical tables, graphs and maps, the yearbook treats areas such as population, education, health, living conditions and welfare, the labour market, the economy, international trade, industry and services, science and technology, the environment, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and European regions. This edition's spotlight chapter deals with energy statistics. The paper version includes a CD-ROM with the electronic version of the yearbook in PDF, all tables and graphs in Excel format, as well as further information. The yearbook may be viewed as an introduction to European statistics and provides guidance to the vast range of data freely available from the Eurostat website.

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