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We are excited to announce the results of the European Statistics Competition (ESC) 2022, which was held in the school year 2021-2022. 

Over 17 000 students from 19 countries signed up for the fifth edition of this statistical literacy contest. 

After a tough national phase, the winning teams in each participating country took part in the European final. They were asked to make a two-minute video on the topic of the environment. Contestants had to present their findings on what official statistics tell about the environment in their country/region. The students produced really powerful videos, some even in the form of a rap song. Their message is clear: we need to build (statistical) knowledge about environmental issues and take action! 

A jury of European experts assessed the 66 submissions to choose the top 5 videos in both the age group 14-16 (32 submissions) and the age group 16-18 (34 submissions). 

Winners of the 14-16 age group

Team GIOTTISTICA (Italy) takes first prize in the junior age group (14-16) with their personal video on the ecosystem of forests. The jury particularly appreciated the clear focus on one topic, the appealing format of a social media story following three hikers, the very engaging narration and the excellent use of statistics. 

The second place goes to team AFS_GR_B1 (Greece) with an original story highlighting the beauty of Greek summer and the ways to protect it from climate change. 

Team STATS2KNOW (Ireland) comes third with an engaging presentation on methane production by cows. 

The teams STATIS222 (Greece) and FROGGERS (Poland) obtain respectively fourth and fifth place.

Winners of the 16-18 age group

In the senior age group (16-18), the first prize goes to team DATAPOWER (Bulgaria) with their well-produced video on the environmental situation of Bulgaria. The jury was impressed by the excellent statistical communication supported by beautiful images, good acting and original music. 

Team K2 (Iceland) is second with their excellent statistical analysis of the reasons behind the high greenhouse gas emissions per capita in Iceland.

The video of team RERENELA (Slovenia) takes home third place with its fun and original video on waste. 

Team GINNYLFIB (France) and team JOSE (Poland) complete the top five. They take respectively fourth and fifth place.

The award ceremony will take place on 27 June 2022 at 11:00 CEST in Madrid. You will be able to watch it online.

This year’s jury was composed of experts in the fields of statistics, environment and communication:

Constantinos Kounnamas, Head of Nature Conservation Unit, Frederick University, Cyprus

Glen Campbell, Information and Communication Expert at Publications Office of the European Union

Kerstin Hänsel, Head of Division on Communication Strategy, Social Media and Corporate Communication, Germany

Maria Iannario, Associate Professor of Statistics at Naples University Federico II, Italy

Maria Valaste, University Docent of Applied Statistics and University Lecturer at Centre for Social Data Science, University of Helsinki, Finland

Ramón Ferri García, Lecturer at Department of Statistics and Operations Research, University of Granada, Spain

Roberta Pignatelli, Expert in Environmental Statistics, European Environment Agency

Teona Goderdzishvili, Project Coordinator of the Orange Magazine, European Youth Press

Tim Allen, Deputy-Head of Dissemination at Eurostat, chairman of the jury

With assistance of jurors from the National Statistical Institutes and Eurostat for the first part of the evaluation.


Poster: European Statistics Competition, 2021-2022


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