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Mountains were one of the main attractions in 13% of personal trips made by EU residents in 2016. People living in Slovakia visited mountains the most (25% of their trips involved mountains), followed by people in Romania (24% of trips), France and Italy (19% of trips). In contrast, residents of Lithuania visited mountains the least (they featured in 1% of trips), followed by residents of Estonia, Croatia, Latvia and Sweden (2% each) as well as Denmark and the United Kingdom (4% each).

Infographics: International Mountain Day

The source dataset is available here

In 2016, personal trips that involved visiting mountains were longer (6.4 nights) than the average for all trips (5.3 nights). EU residents from the United Kingdom made the longest trips (14 nights), followed by residents from Greece (12 nights) and Estonia (10.8 nights).

Today marks International Mountain Day, held each year on 11 December.

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