null Ukraine-EU trade in goods: €4 billion surplus in 2018


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Ukraine was the EU's 23rd largest partner for imports (1% of total extra-EU imports) and the 20th largest for EU exports (1% of total extra-EU exports) in 2018.

Graph showing the trade balance between Ukraine and EU from 2008 until 2018

Between 2008 and 2018, the EU ran a trade surplus with Ukraine (meaning that it exported more than it imported). This surplus was highest in 2013, when it reached €10 billion, and lowest in 2015, falling to €1 billion. In 2018, the surplus was €4 billion.

Infographic showing Ukraine-EU trade balance in 2018


EU exports to Ukraine were dominated by "machinery and vehicles", "other manufactured goods", and "chemicals", which together accounted for 78% of EU exports to Ukraine. EU imports from Ukraine were dominated by "other manufactured goods", "raw materials", and "food and drink", accounting for 79% of EU exports to Ukraine.  At a more detailed level, "medicaments" were the EU’s most exported product to Ukraine, while the most imported product from Ukraine was "maize".

Italy and Germany: main traders with Ukraine among the Member States

Among the Member States, Italy was the largest importer of goods from Ukraine (€3 billion). The largest exporter to Ukraine in 2018 was Germany (€5 billion).

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