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null 37 % of EU milk used to make cheese in 2017


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In 2017, 156.9 million tonnes of the whole milk available to the European Union (EU) dairy sector was processed. Of this, 37 % was used to produce cheese, 29 % to produce butter, a further 12 % to make cream and 11 % to produce drinking milk.

Infographic showing share of products produced from milk, 2017


Among the EU Member States, Germany produced the most cheese (2.2 million tonnes, 22 % of total EU cheese production, closely followed by France (a provisional 1.9 million tonnes, 19 % of the EU total) and then Italy (1.3 million tonnes, 12 % of the EU total). The United Kingdom produced a little more than one fifth (22.5 % or 6.9 million tonnes) of the EU's drinking milk in 2017.

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