EU trade in furniture around the globe


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In 2015 and 2016, the EU Member States' trade in furniture with non-EU countries was balanced: the value of the EU's exports was similar to its imports.

In 2016, the EU imported furniture worth €15.3 billion from outside the EU, and exported slightly less —15.1 bn — to non-EU countries.

The value of trade in furniture between the EU and non-EU countries grew by around 50 % over the last ten years.


EU trade in furniture with non-EU countries


Italy and Germany: main exporters

Italy (furniture worth €4.2 bn exported to non-EU countries in 2016, or 28% of the total EU Member States exports) and Germany (€3.0 bn, 20%) were the top EU exporters of furniture. They were followed at a distance by the United Kingdom (€1.3 bn, 8%), Poland (€1.1 bn, 8%) and France (€1.0 bn, 7%).

EU's furniture sent mainly to the United States and Switzerland

When exporting to non-EU countries (€15.1 bn in 2016), EU furniture was sent primarily to the United States (€3.3 bn, or 22% of the total extra-EU exports of furniture) and Switzerland (€2.3 bn, 16%), ahead of Norway (€1.3 bn, 8%), China (€1.1 bn, 7%), and Russia (€0.9 bn, 6%).

United Kingdom and Germany: main importers

The United Kingdom (furniture worth €3.7 bn imported from non-EU countries in 2016, or 24% of the total EU Member States' imports) and Germany (€3.2 bn, 21%) were the top importers of furniture from outside the EU. They were followed by France (€1.8 bn, 12%), the Netherlands (€1.2 bn, 8%) and Spain (€0.8 bn, 5%).

EUˈs imports of furniture comes primarily from China

In 2016, Member States imported furniture worth €15.3 bn from non-EU countries. More than half of these imports originated from China (€8.7 bn, 57%). The next largest shares of imports from non-EU countries were from Vietnam (€1.0 bn, 6%), Turkey (€0.9 bn, 6%), the United States (€0.6 bn, 4%) followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina (€0.4 bn, 3%).


EU trade in furniture

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