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Gross non-performing loans, domestic and foreign entities - % of gross loans

A loan, other than held for trading, is considered as non-performing if it satisfies either or both of the following criteria: (a) It is a material loan which is more than 90 days past-due; (b) The debtor is assessed as unlikely to pay its credit obligations in full without realisation of collateral, regardless of the existence of any past-due amount or of the number of days past-due. Non -performing loans include defaulted and impaired loans and follow the harmonised definition of the European Banking Authority (EBA) used for supervisory reporting. The MIP indicator is defined as total gross non-performing loans and advances as % of total gross loans and advances (gross carrying amount), for the reporting sector "domestic banking groups and stand-alone banks, foreign controlled subsidiaries and foreign controlled branches, all institutions". Data on domestically controlled banks are consolidated across borders and sectors at the prudential perimeter of consolidation. Data source: European Central Bank (ECB)

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Code: tipsbd10
Last update: 27/06/22
Oldest data: 2014
Most recent data: 2021
Number of values: 214
Themes: General and regional statistics