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Self-reported unmet need for medical care by sex

Self-reported unmet needs for medical care concern a person’s own assessment of whether he or she needed examination or treatment for a specific type of health care, but did not have it or did not seek it because of the following three reasons: ‘Financial reasons’, ‘Waiting list’ and ‘Too far to travel’. Medical care refers to individual healthcare services (medical examination or treatment excluding dental care) provided by or under direct supervision of medical doctors or equivalent professions according to national healthcare systems. Data are collected from the European Statistics of Income and Living Condition survey and refer to such needs during the previous 12 months. Data are expressed as percentages within the population aged 16 years old and over living in private households.

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Additional information

Code: tespm110
Last update: 16/07/19
Oldest data: 2008
Most recent data: 2018
Number of values: 1158
Themes: General and regional statistics