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General government gross debt

The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union defines this indicator as the ratio of government debt outstanding at the end of the year to gross domestic product at current market prices. For this calculation, government debt is defined as the total consolidated gross debt at nominal value in the following categories of government liabilities (as defined in ESA 2010): currency and deposits (AF.2), debt securities (AF.3) and loans (AF.4). The general government sector comprises the subsectors of central government, state government, local government and social security funds. For further methodological guidance and interpretation, please refer to the Eurostat Manual on Government Deficit and Debt.

Total government gross debt in million EUR is shown as well.
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Code: sdg_17_40
Last update: 08/02/21
Oldest data: 2000
Most recent data: 2019
Number of values: 1320
Themes: General and regional statistics