Slow increase in road freight transport


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Logo Statistics ExplainedRoad freight transport in the European Union (EU) continued to grow slowly in 2018, reaching 1 925 billion tonne-kilometres. This corresponded to an increase of 0.2% compared with 2017.

This road transport was carried out by more than 4.3 million trucks registered in the EU in 2018, slightly higher (close to 1%) than in 2017. The largest number of trucks were registered in Poland, with close to 680 000 vehicles (16% of the EU total), followed by Germany (546 000) and France (541 000), each corresponding to 13% of the total.

From 2017 to 2018, the highest increases in the number of trucks registered in the reporting country were observed in Lithuania (+12%), Ireland (+9%) and Slovenia (+6%), while the largest decreases were recorded in Greece (-10%), Poland (-3%) and France (-2%).

Bar chart: Number of goods vehicles (trucks) registered in each EU Member State or EFTA country, 2018

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