Investing in children - Employment and social inclusion indicators

Investing in children

The agreed list of indicators is based on three key pillars:

  • Access to adequate resources
  • Access to affordable quality services
  • Children's right to participate
Indicator Data Source*
Overall objective of combating child poverty and social exclusion and promoting child well-being
Primary indicators
At risk of poverty or social exclusion for children Eurostat/EU-SILC
At-risk-of poverty rate for children Eurostat/EU-SILC
Severe material and social deprivation rate Eurostat/EU-SILC
Share of children living in very low work intensity households Eurostat/EU-SILC
Secondary indicators
Dispersion of child poverty around the poverty risk threshold: at-risk-of poverty rate calculated with 50% and 70% thresholds Eurostat/EU-SILC
Persistent at-risk-of-poverty rate for children Eurostat/EU-SILC
Context indicators
At-risk-of-poverty rate anchored at a fixed moment in time for children Eurostat/EU-SILC
Access to adequate resources
Primary indicators
In-work poverty rate of people living in households with dependent children Eurostat/EU-SILC
At-risk-of poverty rate for children by work intensity of the household Eurostat/EU-SILC
At-risk-of poverty rate for children in households at work Eurostat/EU-SILC
Relative median poverty gap for children Eurostat/EU-SILC
Child care Eurostat/EU-SILC
Impact of social transfers (other than pensions) in reducing child poverty Eurostat/EU-SILC
Housing cost overburden Eurostat/EU-SILC
Context indicators
Employment impact of parenthood under preparation Eurostat/LFS
Part time employment due to care responsibilities under preparation Eurostat/LFS
Access to quality services
Primary indicators

Participation in early childhood education

Proficiency in reading, maths and science - OECD/PISA
Young people not in employment, education or training (NEET) rate Eurostat/EU-LFS
Self-reported unmet need for medical examination (16-24) Eurostat/EU-SILC
Infant mortality Eurostat/Annual demographic data collection
Child mortality under preparation Eurostat
Low birth weight - WHO-OECD
Housing deprivation Eurostat/EU-SILC
Overcrowding Eurostat/EU-SILC
Early leavers from education and training Eurostat/EU-LFS
Context indicators
Vaccination coverage - WHO
Obesity Eurostat/EHIS
Regular smokers Eurostat/EHIS
Causes of death of young people-suicide Eurostat/Causes of death statistics

* Abbreviations

Eurostat/EU-SILC: Community Statistics on Income and Living Conditions
Eurostat/EU-LFS: EU Labour Force Survey
Eurostat/EHIS: European health interview survey