EU labour force survey statistics

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This Eurostat online publication provides an overview of some key articles on European Union (EU) labour force survey (EU-LFS), a large sample survey among private households in Europe and an important source for European statistics about the situation and trends in the EU labour market.

Statistical articles

General labour market articles

Labour market slack – annual statistics on unmet needs for employment
Labour market slack – quarterly statistics on unmet needs for employment
People outside the labour force
Duration of working life - statistics
Labour market statistics at regional level


Employment - annual statistics
Employment rates – annual statistics
Hours of work - annual statistics
Hours of work - quarterly statistics
Absences from work - quarterly statistics
Migrant integration statistics - employment conditions


Monthly unemployment statistics
Unemployment statistics and beyond
Unemployment statistics at regional level


Educational attainment statistics
Employment rates of recent graduates
Early leavers from education and training
Migrant integration statistics - education

Household dimension

Household composition statistics
Statistics on employment characteristics of households


Youth unemployment (background article)
Statistics on young people neither in employment nor in education or training
Participation of young people in education and the labour market (background article)
Age of young people leaving their parental household

Online publications

Labour market in the light of the COVID 19 pandemic - quarterly statistics


Labour force survey (LFS) - main features, legal basis, methodology, data and historical development
Labour force survey (LFS) - sampling design, sample size and sampling errors

Overview of articles and publications on the labour market, including EU labour force survey

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