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Urban Poverty

Urban Case Study #2

The 2nd Urban Case Study on decreasing residential segregation is out, looking at a successful case of Roma integration based on multi-level cooperation in Pécs, Hungary. Take a look!

Urban Poverty Partnership actions at a glance

The Urban Poverty Partnership has presented its Action Plan earlier in 2018. Since then, the Partners and Action Leaders are working towards implementation of the proposed Actions, divided into five action clusters : integrated actions, actions to fight child poverty, for the regeneration of deprived urban areas and neighbourhoods, for ending homelessness, and actions addressing the vulnerability of Roma people.

First International Social Housing Festival, 13-21 June in Amsterdam

A global celebration of the long tradition of decent, affordable housing for all aiming to generate convincing responses to current and future challenges. A series of events, exhibitions, meetings, field visits, community activities and much more from 13 to 21 June 2017 in Amsterdam will make up the first International Social Housing Festival.