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Territorial typologies manual

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The Methodological manual on territorial typologies is an online Eurostat publication, also available on paper (latest edition 2018, ISBN: 978-92-79-94873-2, doi: 10.2785/228845, Eurostat cat.: KS-GQ-18-008-EN-C) or downloadable in PDF format (ISBN: 978-92-79-94874-9, doi: 10.2785/930137, cat. number: KS-GQ-18-008-EN-N).

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Part A — Cluster types

1. Cluster types

Part B — Local typologies

2. Degree of urbanisation

3. Cities, commuting zones and functional urban areas

4. Coastal areas

Part C — Regional typologies

5. Urban-rural typology

6. Metropolitan regions

7. Coastal regions

Part D — Other regional typologies (not covered by legislation)

8. Border regions

9. Island regions

10. Mountain regions